Why You Should Avoid Man Boobs Surgery

The medical condition Gynecomastia may leave you feeling embarrassed and alone but the fact is that it actually affects 1 out of every 3 men.  You should feel a little relieved to know that while the condition might be aesthetically unappealing and leave you with some self-esteem problems, it is not a serious threat to your overall health.    

Thankfully, there is also other good news.  Suffering from gynecomastia doesn’t have to last forever.  There are several ways in which this medical condition can be helped including gynecomastia surgery.  There are other options such as herbal supplements and medications but if you’re someone that feels the need to have instantaneous results then you’ll most likely consider the surgery.  However, you should remember, like all medical surgeries, there are risks and side effects.  Before you go under the knife it is important to be educated about all areas of the surgery so that you can make an informed decision.

Facts About Gynecomastia Surgerygynecomastia surgery

There are generally two methods used to remove tissue from the breast.  There is liposuction which would remove the fat from the breast but not the gland that is often the main culprit, or there is a mastectomy.  Mastectomies are often associated with women and cancer but they can be used to deal with gynecomastia as well.  The mastectomy will remove all over the tissue from beneath the breast leaving you with a flat chest.

A mastectomy would most likely be conducted with an endoscopy so that you are only left with a very small incision.  This is considered minimally invasive and has a short recovery time.  While that is probably the route your doctor would go there are also other types of mastectomy.  There is mastectomy that is assisted by liposuction for extra fat removal, laser-lipolysis that does not include liposuction, and laser-assisted liposuction.  Keep in mind that if you and your doctor decide on a mastectomy that there can be complications to be aware of.  One of the most common is breast asymmetry but there are others such as necrosis of the nipple, problems with contouring and deformity, hematoma, visible scars, and infection at the wound site.

Surgery Cost

While this isn’t exactly a side effect it is still important and certainly affects your finances.  Gynecomastia surgery is very expensive and you can expect to spend up to $7500 if there are no complications.  Depending on where you live costs could be more or less but should you end up with any of the risks listed above your costs could soar even higher.  However, if you are set on surgery it is at least fairly certain that it is a solution that will last your lifetime.  You will most likely never have to worry about gynecomastia returning once the gland has been removed.  For many that is enough of a reassurance to follow through with surgery despite the possible costs and complications.

Before you jump on the surgery band wagon there are still over risks and projected results to consider.

Possible Long Term Effects Of Gynecomastia Surgery

On the positive side you’ll have immediate results.  As soon as the procedure is over you’ll be able to look in the mirror and see a big difference.  You’ll be bandaged but you should still be able to tell and the recovery time is fairly minimal.

Now on to some of the risks.  While it may seem minimally invasive gynecomastia surgery is still a major procedure.  You will be cut and any time a procedure requires cutting you are open to the risk of infection which if not caught right away can lead to very serious complications.  This may be rare but it is a possibility.  There is also pain.  You will most likely be prescribed some sort of painkiller like Vicodin which while it may help the pain it does come with an extensive list of side effects as well.  Additionally, when taken for long periods of time it can be highly addictive.  Of course cleanliness will go a long way towards preventing many side effects and if you are careful your procedure will probably go over without a hitch.

Scarring can be a big concern for many and you might want to weight the downsides of male breasts vs. visible scarring.  While many will be able to see your gynecomastia even when you wear clothing, surgery will equal scars that may keep you from wanting to remove your shirt.  If that isn’t a problem for you then great, but if it is then you will need to consider that you could have unsightly scars.

In the end gynecomastia surgery is a decision you will have to make for yourself but it is better to make that decision being aware of all the facts.