Complications and Risks of Gynecomastia Surgery

gynecomastia surgeryA lot of people in UK suffering from gynecomastia are looking to have surgery. It’s easy to see why this is the case. Why this condition is usually not serious, it’s very embarrassing to have it. After all, it gives you “man boobs”. Men shouldn’t have boobs like women. It’s that simple.

Unfortunately for a lot of men, this is a reality for them – a nightmare, if you will. They’ve tried a lot of treatment options and they’re sick and tired of wearing compression shirts to minimize the appearance of their man boobs.

Is Surgery a Good Treatment Option?

If you’re going to consult with a gynecomastia surgeon, then you have to expect that surgery will be mentioned. It’s considered as the last resort if in case other treatment options don’t work.

Why do people undergo gynecomastia surgery? Simply put, it works. It presents a lot of benefits. For starters, it offers immediate results. This surgery will remove the mass of tissue that’s causing the man boobs so basically, the surgery will remove the underlying issue.

Of course, like any other surgery, there are disadvantages to this form of surgery. There are complications and risks that you should be made aware of. While a good and respectable gynecomastia surgeon will discuss these with you, it’s a good idea to know them now.

Complications and Risks

Should you undergo surgery? You have to determine first if it’s worth the risks and possible complications. Here are the most notorious complications and risks of gynecomastia surgery:

  • Bleeding

This is an uncommon complication, but it happens. It can happen during, or worse, after surgery. If the bleeding occurs after surgery, you need to undergo an emergency procedure in order to drain the blood that accumulated. An emergency blood transfusion may be required as well.

Blood clots may also happen.

  • Accumulation of fluids

In addition to blood, other fluids may also accumulate. This accumulation will take place in between the tissues and the skin. It’s usually not serious but it will require additional procedure to drain the accumulated fluid.

  • Infection

There’s a very low risk of infection in this type of surgery because prophylactic antibiotics will be given. In the event wherein an infection occurs, additional antibiotics will be given. In worse cases, you would need hospitalization and even additional surgery.

  • Allergic reaction

Since it’s a surgery, there will be materials used like glues, tapes, topical preparations, injections and suture materials. Some men may experience an allergic reaction to these materials.

  • Burning sensation and pain

Some men have complained of experiencing pain and burning sensation after the surgery. The skin may also show signs of being irritated. These things happen because of trapped nerves. Sometimes, they happen due to no clear reason. They vary in intensity and can last for minutes to even days. If symptoms persist, return to the clinic.

  • Decreased or increased sensation in the breast area

It’s also possible that the sensation around the breast area is decreased or even lost. It’s also possible that you experience the other extreme which is hypersensitivity. This affects men with an active sex life since this risk will affect how the nipples and the skin of the breast area react to sexual stimuli.

This issue may resolve on its own once you’ve fully healed. You can increase your chances of full recovery by massaging the affected area.

  • Irregularities to the shape and contour of your breast.

Dimpling and wrinkling are common complications. When they happen, you can expect them to cause irregularities to the shape and contour of your breast. The size may also be affected.

Here are some possible irregularities:

  • One breast may be smaller than the other.
  • The nipple position of one breast may be different from the other.
  • The size of the nipples may also be irregular.

These irregularities may improve in time especially if you’re going to massage the irregular areas. If they don’t, surgery is an option in order to correct them.

  • Scarring

It’s a surgery, so you should expect scarring to occur. The appearance of the scars should improve over time. If they don’t, you can also undergo treatment or revision in order to improve them.

The scars may also occur to the deep tissues of the skin so they should be harder to improve.

How to Avoid these Risks and Complications

Gynexin UKthe end of the day, surgery is still a good treatment option especially if the other treatment options have failed. However, before you undergo surgery, you have to make sure that you’ve undergone all possible treatment options.

For now, you may want to check out Gynexin – Gynecomastia Pills. They’re designed to improve the appearance of man boobs caused by gynecomastia. It’s been proven to work so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work on you. With its help, you can avoid the possible risks and complications of gynecomastia surgery.

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