Man Boobs – Why Me? Why Now? 4 Unhealthy Reasons and a Gynexin Solution

This has got to be one of the worst macho crises and flabby disasters to ever happen to a man, especially at a time when physical attractiveness has to be at its highest. Instead of pecs – these boobs have appeared!

Has this happened to you? Is it something you cannot talk about and is eating away at your confidence? Is the possibility of swimming, going to a beach, or getting really close to a girl just impossible to think about, because you have developed man boobs?

It has been known also as moobs, mammary feminism or even hypertrophy of the male breast. In any case they are not how you wanted to increase your chest size are they?

Significant Skin ExcessThe Man Boobs Problem

Man boobs is a common problem called gynecomastia that affects many men in the UK but can be solved in most cases – So don’t worry! – You are not turning into a girl! You are in good company though, millions of men suffer this ego debilitating problem, going right back to moobs of Tutankhamun and his brothers.

It is simply an imbalance that occurs in hormones and fatty tissues in the chest area. It happens a lot in puberty and adolescence, the worst possible time, when the self-confidence is already getting a pounding with the voice changes. Growing breasts at this time of life faster than the popular girl in school is going to cause embarrassment, to say the least. If unchecked it can continue into young adulthood, or even possibly start at that age, due to developing unhealthy habits.

You see the breast tissue, common to both men and women, reacts to the amount of oestrogen hormone circulating the body. In a woman this is naturally high, but in men there should be less oestrogen and more androgen. Testosterone is one of the most well-known androgens that are produced in the testes.

Possible Man Boobs Reasons

There are a number of common reasons for this unwanted breast development that are due simply to unhealthy habits. The more these habits continue the worse the problem can become.
So let’s waste no more time and dive into each one and see what can be done about it.


Yes, I know – That can hurt many straight away! Drinking too much alcohol is one of the most common reasons for it and that will seem obvious to many that develop them after a week or so binge drinking with the lads. What happens is that the alcohol interferes with how the liver works, stopping it getting rid of the unnecessary oestrogen built up in the body.

Worse still, there is a compound in drinks that also acts like oestrogen, a double whammy! Found in hops and other plants that go into beer, it is called phytoestrogen, too much of it overloads the body and breasts begin to grow in cup size!

The liver does suffer badly from too much alcohol and the longer this goes on the more permanent the damage is to the vital organ. It stops it from processing and metabolising the hormones, and just to make things worse, may even end up converting the needed androgens into oestrogens!

Not meaning to spoil the fun for many but excess drinking is a BIG problem you really could do without.


This is one that gets more unpopular each year and here is yet another reason to stop if you are getting hooked on smoking. Smoking causes cancers within the body, not all of them detectable and there are many kinds that are formed. Some of these cancers produce oestrogen hormones as part of their systems as they replicate, often creating an imbalance.against_smoking

Sadly, one of the serious causes of gynecomastia is cancer, often commonly formed in the liver, but can occur also in the lungs themselves. You cannot win by smoking, each one increases the chances of cancer occurring or creating damage and the breast suffers too. The sensitive tissues and organs can even be destroyed by smoking, such as in gum disease. So there is no argument for smoking – if it is a habit, get rid of it before it does any more damage, or even adds to the moobs problem.


The more you eat, the higher the chance of you being fatter. We’ll say the ‘higher the chance’ because there is always someone who seems to get away with eating anything without gaining weight. eating-bad-habitsHowever, for lesser mortals, the more you eat, (or possibly just think about food,) the more weight you puton. Of course, one of the areas where fatty tissue is common is under the breasts, and they start bursting out.

Often with man boobs there follows a double whammy! Well, if you produce more fat in proportion to your muscle then this affects your oestrogen to androgen balance, and of course more oestrogen gets produced. The muscle to fat ratio will just get worse and worse as the body hives away all that extra eaten energy into its fat cells, making the situation even worse.


OK – as if eating were not enough, it appears that starving the body is not much better. The reason that starving creates man boobs is down your dropping your testosterone levels. The lower they go, the higher the oestrogen ratio, and the familiar growth around the breast occurs. The impact of this however may not happen all at once, some get moobs while they deprive the body, others afterwards when they go from ‘famine to feast’.

The Man Boobs Gynexin SolutionGynexin Before and After

If you are suffering from gynecomastia and you have indulged in any of the reasons we have noted above then it seems you can help yourself by changing some lifestyle choices. Cutting back on the alcohol, not overeating, or under-eating it seems, definitely no smoking, and really speaking, follow healthy habits and exercise those muscles. Of course these changes take time and it is good to get some help along the way.

One method that many moob sufferers have turned to is Gynexin UK. It is a herbal product that helps burn away the excess fat within the body, especially under the breast. See if you can bring yourself back to having some great looking pectorals – imagine enjoying a day showing off on a crowded beach without the embarrassment of man boobs.

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